The 14-day mandatory self-isolation period may be challenging for your student and your family and everyone needs to be prepared mentally and practically for a very different program start this school year. RMISP staff will be supporting you through this experience. Please read carefully through our Homestay Quarantine Guide to prepare your home and family, make yourself familiar with expectations and COVID protocols. Host families with self-isolating students are able to go to work/school as normal. It is only the student that must self-isolate within your home. 

Due to the exceptional nature of the mandatory quarantine, additional COVID compensation will be provided for the self-isolation duration. 

Homestay quarantine testimonial

I was a bit worried how it would work with welcoming an international student during the pandemic and the required quarantine period. I thought it would be very complicated and quite honestly, too much trouble to try and get it done correctly. Nothing could have been further from the truth! The hardest part was knowing our student was already here but not being able to welcome him to interact fully with us and enjoy meal times with us. Our student arrived very well prepared to follow the quarantine (probably better prepared than we were!), and throughout the 2 weeks, he was very conscientious about following the protocols and doing things the right way. We were able to go outside with him and visit with him and get to know him a little bit while physically distanced, so that was good and really, the time flew right by. I would not hesitate to do it again, if needed, and I know now that it’s not near as complicated or as hard as I thought it would be (Michelle Nex in Kimberley)